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Agenda September 2023

Meeting in Person

7:00 PM

President – Renée Zernitsky

VP Jay Beaumont

Treasurer John Strobl

Secretary Mary Shields

Minutes and attendance will be taken by Terri DelNegro for Mary

New Business:

  • Clubs new Brochure

September/October Field Trips

  • Black and White Challenge in Goshen

  • Scavenger Hunt follow up. Bring your images to the meeting on a jump drive 


  • Mtn. Lake Park Exhibit 

  • Wallkill Town Hall Exhibit 

  • Exhibits members have participated in this year as solo photographers

Announcement:  End of The Year photo Contest – Deadlines  For October. 

Submission dates to be announced.. Voting takes place at our November meeting


  • Preview of images from August and September's,' Photo Challenges and field trips.

Google Slides Photo Challenge for October "Negative Space",


There will be no Challenge for the month of December

Check out our Featured Photographer for this month.  Go to to preview. It could be you!

Our next meeting is October 10th 

Renée Zernitsky Pres. SJCC


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