Themes for 2020

January "Sculptures in the Snow"

February "Long Shadows"

March "Motion Blur"

April "Spring"

May "Flowers"

June "Summer"

July "Mobile Photography"

August "At The Beach"

September "Wind"

October "Spirit of Halloween"

November "Animals"

December "Lights" 


Themes for 2019 SJCC 

January “Self Portraits”

February “Winter Paths and Roads”

March “COLOR Challenge”

April “Your Pet”

May “After Dark”

June “Water and Rocks”

July “Abstract”

August “Isolated Barn’s, Cabin’s, Silo’s”

September “Sport Event”

October “Everything Waterfall”

November “HDR & Old buildings”

December “Textures"


Monthly Themes 2018


January - “Ten Shots”

February - “Long Exposures”

March - “What is it?”

April - “From a Distance”

May - “In the Red”

June - “Shadows”

July - “Shutter Speed of 1/60th”

August - “Industrial”

September - “Car Trails”

October - “Twilight”

November - “Picture of a Picture”

December - “Silhouettes and Shadows”