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Photography Books worth Reading:

Learning from Others


Ansel Adams

Dorothea Lange

Walker Evans

Diane Arbus

Anne Leibovitz

Steve McCurry

Lewis Hine

Edward Weston

Henri Carier-Bresson

Books published by great photographers


"Tuxedo Park: The Gift of  Nature" - by Greg Miller

"The Hudson River - A great American Treasure" by Greg Miller 

"Panorama of the Hudson" by Greg Miller


Joe Brady Photography  - Workshops & Tutorials

World tours 


Bryan F Peterson - Workshops - Books

"Learning to see Creatively" by Bryan Peterson

"The Great Smoky Mt.'s" - by Carl Heilman

"The Adirondacks, Season by Season" - by Carl Heilman

"Photo Therapy - Motivation and Wisdom" 

and "Creative Visualization" by Rick Sammon

Many online video tutorials


"Mastering Aperture, Shutter Speed,

ISO and Exposure" 

by Al Judge


"Lens Works" by Bill Jay


"The Ansel Adams Story"


"Artistic Inspiration" by Jack Martinez


"The Visual Toolbox" by David Duchemin


"The Creative Life in Photography" by Brooks Jensen


"Within the Frame" by David duChemin


"The Creative Light" by Chris Orwig


"Macro Photography" by Alan L. Detrick


"Macro Photography" by Rob Sheppard


"Close-up and Macro Photography" by John Humphrey


"Photography School" by Bryan Peterson


"Focus Stacking in the Wild" by Kaisa & Stanley Breeden


"Beyond the Lens" by Robert Rodriquez Jr.


"Photography: DSLR Crash Course" by Brendon Ward


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