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Agenda May 2022


We are so excited to be meeting in person - Masks are not mandatory. Your choice
Treasurer Report: John Strobl - All dues must be UpToDate to participate in club exhibits
Club Calendar for 2023. Images needed by June 26th
Linda Fairweather will continue as our Hospitality host for new members
Sheila will assist in keeping track of all membership information
EXHIBITS: Due must be UpToDate to participate
Warwick Library Exhibit: June 1st – is a Juried event. Theme,” Rural Life”
Deadline for submissions was May 8th (Results to be discussed)
Wallkill Town Hall: Exhibit dates pending
Field trips May:
Museum Village with Joe Karaban – open invitation
Orange County Arboretum Macro Field Workshop - with Herb Chong Postponed
Suggested hikes: Winding Hills Park – Circleville Park – Wickham Lake
Workshop with Terrie DelNegro: “Light Painting”. A Hands on workshop – Bring your camera, Macro or closeup lens,
tripod, remote release. Material will be provided. (a tabletop tripod works as well if you have one)
Featured Photographer for May will be announced at our meeting
“It Could be You!” If you cannot attend the meeting, please visit our club’s website, and send the featured photographer
a congratulations note via email.
Invites: If you have a friend that you know is interested in joining our club, please invite them to attend.
There will not be a Photo Challenge for May.
Next Meeting June 14th, we will Review images taken at our workshop with Terrie
Please join us. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone. We miss you when you don’t!
Renée Zernitsky
President St. James’ Camera Club

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