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SJCC March Meeting Minutes 2019 

  • Renée called the meeting to order at 7:07

  • We gave Diane Bollen a gift card for judging photos for the Warwick exhibit and providing feedback to the photographers, we appreciate her help

  • The committee chairs elected to purchase a new projector and the church has graciously agreed to pay for half

  • A raffle was held for the HV Photography Network Conference, congratulations to John for winning the ticket!

  • The new Goshen Library opens on May 18th and they’d like our group to be the first club to exhibit there

    • Timing of the exhibit still TBD

    • Theme will be “Goshen” (e.g. Goshen farmland, businesses, town, etc)

    • Everyone can submit two photographs, which will be juried

    • Black frame white mat only, size requirements TBD

    • Would appreciate everyone submitting photographs for the exhibit

  • The Goshen Garden Tour is the first week of June

    • John asked for photographic prints (8x10) to be submitted for door prizes

  • Glen Arden exhibit take down is Friday morning

  • Renée asked the club if we should do themes every other month instead of every month, no agreement was reached

    • Please submit your theme photos each month, even if we don’t get to them in the current meeting we’ll get to them in future meetings

  • The Orchid Show is happening currently

  • Kingston and Poughkeepsie flower shows are coming up

  • The club calendar images need to be submitted for printing by September

    • Submit one photograph (can be digital) by August to be considered for the calendar, it doesn’t have to be seasonal

    • All submissions will be collected and a committee will select 13 images, with one chosen for the cover

  • Little Stony Point Sunrise Hike is scheduled for Saturday morning, March 16th

    • Please be prompt in order to catch the sunrise

    • Share your phone number with others attending so you can notify them if you’re running late

  • The Noble Roasters exhibit is in June

    • There is no theme for this exhibit, you can hang and show whatever you want

    • Each person can submit one or two photographs (no larger than 24” framed), we have space for approximately 20

    • Not great light but gets lots of traffic


  • Joe Brady gave a great presentation “Creating Images that Make You Smile!”

    • Joe discussed his experience with seeing the latest camera technology; manufacturers are focusing on providing the most megapixels, but unless you’re planning to print huge, 16 to 20 megapixels is more than enough for most photographers, and higher megapixel cameras may make it more difficult for processing and storage on your computer

    • Joe’s keys to creating images that make you smile include clarity of subject, composition & cropping, light, storytelling, gesture, odd numbers, and wonder

    • Joe discussed the obstacles to creating fantastic images, including visualization, understanding composition, patience, knowing our cameras and the nature of raw files, and image editing

    • When preparing to take a photo, Joe recommends considering how you will print the photo (size, where will it hang, etc), the format (shape – landscape, portrait, square), and composition

    • On the topic of composition, particularly for landscape, the golden ratio looks more natural than the rule of thirds, don’t get locked in to always using the rule of thirds

    • Learn to see the final image at capture and the basics of photo editing

    • Joe recommended using Nik software filters now that DxO has bought and updated the software, and the price is only $69


Minutes by Wes Kania

Cc: President, Renée Zernitsky  

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