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Agenda June 2022

25th Anniversary Celebration

we are meeting in person 


We are so excited to be meeting in person again. It was so good seeing everyone at last month’s meeting.

Masks are not mandatory. Your choice


Treasurer Report:  John Strobl  

Updates: Follow-up on Letters to Emil


Club Calendar for 2023



Warwick Library Exhibit: “Rural Life” It is up as of June 1st as you know this is a Juried event.

Do your best to so see it. Lots of hard work was put into this exhibit.

NOTE: the gallery is only open during Library hours – so Check the website to confirm they are open

Wallkill Town Hall:  Exhibit pending - Months in consideration are July to August or August to September



Field trips:    Mary and Joe Karaban

Museum Village possible free Pass

Stay tuned for any fieldtrips planned for June and July


Last month’s Workshop with Terri DelNegro: “Light Painting”.   A Hands-on workshop – was fantastic. I hope you got to participate If you were there, please upload your photos to Google Slides we will preview them


SPEAKER:  John Verner and Lee Courtney - John will be talking about “Street Photography”-


Featured Photographer for June is Mark Kovner. – please go to

“It Could be You!”  please visit our club’s website.


Photo Challenge for June is “Light painting”  upload the ones you did at home using Terri’s suggestions.



We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary. Coffee and Cake will be served.

 Invites went out to former members, who were part of the original 3 that started this club.


Next Meeting July 12th,

Please join us. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone. We miss you when you don’t! 

If you have a friend that you know is interested in joining our club, please invite them to attend. 



Renée Zernitsky

President St. James’ Camera Club

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