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Agenda for March 2024 

Guest Speaker via Zoom Bryan Peterson

Minutes and attendance will be taken by Mary



  • Final call for you to get your Club dues in for 2024 - $25.00  

  • Follow Up with "Critique's with Dave Albrecht" from February's meeting,

if we have time after our speaker


  • Monthly Photo Challenges for 2024

  • New Images for website 


Motivational Field trips for March 

Exhibits for 2024:

  • Wallkill Town Hall - Pending

  • Albert Wisner Public Library Exhibit, May - June

  • Mtn. Lake Park – Moon Festival August

  • Solo Exhibit Halls



March: Winter, Long Exposures and Composites 


Next Meeting is April 9th Guest speaker is Deb Quick

Local Wildlife Photographer  

Renée Zernitsky

SJCC Pres.

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