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November Agenda


St. James’ Camera Club Meeting Agenda

Via Zoom

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Tuesday November 9th, 2021



President Renée Zernitsky                                                                                                     

Vice Pres. Jay Beaumont

Treasurer John Strobl

Secretary Mary Shields

Membership Linda Fairweather

                               Mary is taking attendance and meeting minutes


SJCC Board Meeting

  • Open discussion for plans for 2022

  • Board Member Status 



  • Nobel Roasters Café April 2022

  • Warwick Library Juried Exhibit June 2022

  • Wallkill Town Hall Exhibit for July 2022



  • Club updates, events, and member postings


SJCC Webpage:


  • New feature: Featured photographer


Church Donation: Open discussion


Field trips: Mary, Joseph, and Ed

  • Museum Village Camera Shoot with Joseph Karaban

  • Waterfalls with Renée in Pa.,


Annual End of the Year Photo contest

  • Details on how to enter will be discussed


Google Slides Monthly Challenge - Brief overview on how to post images. Upload your images today.


SJCC Nov Photo Challenge - Click on This Link


Open discussion re: December Meeting, “End of the Year Photo Contest” Discussion at meeting”


We are so looking forward to seeing everyone. We have managed to keep this club active in Zoom, though I know many of you don’t like the format. It’s been a challenge yes, and I think we prevailed, or the club would have folded. 


Thank you all for sticking with it.

Renée & Jay

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