Welcome to our new member - Billy

Presidents Message:

We will have a brief discussion on the results of our recent Board and Committee Chair Annual Meetings Some changes that need to be voted on and decisions that need to be made for 2018

Exhibits: Robin will update us on future plans: Top of the List is:    Goshen Art League “Art Walk” Oct 14th

Fieldtrips: Mary follow-up from Plum Point Sunrise – Bear Mountain, etc. All suggestions accepted

Theme for: September “One Shot”.

Take a moment before you shoot to:  Manual or Aperture Priority

•               Decide where you will go and when or what will be your subject -

•               Shoot in Raw – for after shot edits so you won’t lose data

•               Plan on the time to arrive for best light

•               Choose a spot or set up your subject or landscape.  Walk around to be sure it’s the best spot                  and you're satisfied.

•               Check your background for distractions or poles, or stuff that don’t belong in your shot

•               Compose for the best angle; leave out unnecessary foregrounds or backgrounds

•               Check the light and see where it falls – maybe you have to wait for the light

•               Fix your setting’s to fit the moment (use a spot meter if you wish or a grey card)

•               Check live view if you have it - notice your histogram

•               Crop in camera before you shoot – zoom in or out

•               Now take the “ONE SHOT”.

Guest Speaker: Diane Bollen from Warwick – Dragonfly Studio (Joe Brady Shares her Studio)

Please take the time to check out her web page or stop by her Gallery http://www.dragonflystudiocafe.com/

http://www.dragonflystudiocafe.com/#!/page/447478/diane  Diane’s topic will be, “Taking Group Shots”.

Theme for: October “Straight out of the Camera” Bring in a photo you took without editing it and a copy of the edited version to compare. Shoot in Raw or jpeg send them via email to Clif:  2 images pp so we have time for our guest speaker.

clifpatrick@optimum.net Please arrive early to get your images loaded before the meeting Doors open at 6:45

See you there

Renée Zernitsky

St. James’ Camera Club Pres.

                      September’s Theme is “One Shot”

                   Guest Speaker Diane Bollen


Monthly Reports from our Committee Chairs:

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