September 2018 Agenda 

Critique Night   Send in your photos or bring them to the meeting


Something New:   A proposal was presented at our last meeting and agreed upon by our Board members.

We are starting a new way of doing image previews by including an assignment – The assignment will be announced

prior to each meeting. We will have a brief workshop the month before on what you may need to know Ex: suggested F- stop to use, lens, filter, WB, and we can recommend locations. Your obligation is to share your photos for an open discussion at our next meeting. 


Pictures from our field trips and workshops this summer – Did they teach us anything?

At our last meeting it was announced that the Board has been discussing ways to make the club more instructional.

What are we learning from our workshops, field trips, and theme’s?  If we don’t have an open discussion about how we took the photo. An open discussion about settings, f-stop used, what worked and didn’t work, suggestions.

Did we try something we learned from Greg, any of our guest speakers or workshops?  What were the results?

We realized that there must be an opportunity for us to learn something new and when we share our images by trying ad different technique, Camera setting, etc.  

Having an open discussion and constructive criticism of member photos can help us see what others did. Members were in agreement to give it a try and were willing to have the opportunity for their photos to be constructively critiqued


Field Trips – Everyone that attended our Summer field trips, please post at least one of your images to our FB page and send me one image for our previews night. Future field trips for Fall will be announced


Special Feature:  Beginners Only Workshop, with Larry Randall – August 17th. If you missed it and you are Interested in another? Let me know and Larry will be more than happy to plan it.


Theme photos:  Three images per member and we will catch up on everyone’s photos at our next meeting.