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How to Critique Your Own Photograph's

Critique is a strange beast. Given properly, it can facilitate both technical and artistic growth, but given improperly, it can derail development, damage self-esteem, and undermine the strong sense of community that makes photography such a group pursuit. Taking time to understand a photograph from all angles: technical, artistic, motivational, contextual, environmental, etc. can facilitate a full and deep critique, one that truly addresses an image in a way that is beneficial to both the critic and the requestor. You might find that practicing articulating full critiques also helps you to examine your own images in an increasingly beneficial manner.



30 Questions You Should Ask Before You Take a Photograph -

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1. What is my subject?

2. How do I best highlight the subject?

3. Where is the subject in the frame?

4. Am I close enough to my subject to emphasize it?

5. Am I far enough from my subject to allow the viewer to have a sense of time and place of the photograph? 

6. Is there something in front of or behind the subject that distracts me?


7. Is there something else in the frame taking my attention away from the subject?

8. Is there something outside of the frame that I could incorporate to enhance the image?

9. Where is the light coming from?

10. How does my eye move through the scene?

11. Am I standing in the best place to make this photograph?

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Professional Photographers of America 

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