July 2017 Meeting Minutes

July - Meeting was a field trip with Greg Miller 

Thank you to all that attended Greg's workshop at Selisain Park last Tuesday

before the meeting. (That turned out to be in the park. Since we were all too consumed with the light to leave) Apologies to anyone left behind.


I hope you found the workshop informative and worthwhile  One of Greg's personal goals are to help enthusiastic photographers increase their understanding of photography. And to help you learn your camera's settings, what is the best equipment to use and how to use it. He does an outstanding job of sharing his techniques and skills. 


Greg touched on so many topics during the workshop regarding light and the time of day to get the best photograph, How to look for the best composition before you shoot and to wait for the light. Greg also discussed how the time of the year matters, where the sun will rise or set and how the angles of sunlight change in the winter months. 


The park turned out to be a great location and the light played with us as the clouds rolled across the sky. Changing the textures from one moment to the next.


Please reach out to Greg and send him your regards and questions. He enjoys hearing from you.  It gives him pleasure knowing he taught you something new about your camera.  

Renee Zernitsky

ST James Camera Club President