July 2017 Agenda

July’s Theme is “Humor” 
Bring your camera to this meeting

Presidents Message: 
Vice Presidents Message:   
Treasurers Message:
Monthly Reports from our Committee Chairs: 
Linda Fairweather – Membership, Welcome Committee
Pete Styczek - Guest Speakers/Workshops
Filed Trips – Mary Sheilds
Aaron Babcock, Clif Patrick & Paul Bjornsen - Technology - Projector, Calibrator
Exhibits – Robin Kelly
FOLLOWUP:     Glen Arden Exhibit COMES DOWN on July 31th.   10AM – please be aware of events going on at the Center. Do 
not take your photos before then. It all comes down the same day!  If you cannot make it – contact Robin 
or myself.  Please be prompt we don’t want to interrupt events going on at the center.

Exhibits: Robin will discuss the idea of participating in the next Goshen Art Walk in August. If you are interested please sign up
Registration is required.  There is a $5.00 fee to participate and space is limited, details to follow.
Fieldtrips: Mary - Working on a sunrise/sunset photo shoot – Plum Point – Bear Mountain, etc. All suggestions accepted

We are looking for images from or monthly themes and Photo field trips:  The Arboretum with Herb Chong, Wickham Lake Sunset, West Point Foundry and the Waterfalls of Pa.  Please share your photos with the group from those events. Send them to Clif via email or bring in a flash drive.

Greg Miller – has offered to take us on a photo shoot to Salesian Park in Goshen.  We will be meeting at Salesian Park BEFORE the meeting at 6:00PM   (On Main Street, across the street from the Government Center in Goshen)
The boy’s school is abandoned and the mansion is gone. I doubt the school building will be here much longer. Once, actor Peter Jurasik (Babylon 5, Hill Street Blues, Beverly Hills Buntz) went here. So did George Carlin.   
 FYI - The abandoned boys’ boarding school will be torn down to make room for the new Goshen Library. (Easy stroll) 
Check out their web site   http://opacity.us/site17_salesian_school.htm

  Bring bug spray – Pouring rain cancels – not drizzle

Afterwards, we will go back to St. James’, have our regular meeting and process some of the images with Greg. 

See you there,       Themes for:    July, “Humor” and August “Yellow”
   Renée Zernitsky 
SJCC President