March 2018 Agenda 

Welcome to our new members Dave, Roberto and Mike, 

Order of Business:  Warwick Library Photography Exhibit - Meet the Photographer’s Reception, is Sunday March 11th, 1:00pm

Congratulations to everyone that participated – It’s a great exhibit. It reflects our artistic photographic talents in this, “Eye Catching”, gallery of photographs. Great Job Everyone!      

This Show will be moved to Glen Arden Retirement home in Goshen – If you would like to submit an image feel free to do so. See Robin. 

  • Annual Membership fee of $24.00 is now due - 

  • The Spring Photography Conference has been Postponed - Raffles for the conference will be held in the treasury pending a rescheduling of the event.  

Committees – Looking for help to assist in all club activities. Please step-up and help when you can.

Fieldtrips – Sunday the group went to Black Rock Forest Water Falls.  Please share your photos with us.

Scheduled Event’s notice: Be mindful: If you sign up for these fieldtrips and then find you cannot participate, please be courteous and give us a call. Waiting at the trail head for no-shows keeps us from getting out there and takes away from everyone getting out to shoot.  Make sure you have the hike leaders cell phone number, when you sign up for these fieldtrips. Dress appropriately. Hiking boots recommended.  Bring rain gear for you and your camera.


Macro Photography -  We are doing a Macro, Studio Setting Workshop at this meeting 

  • Bring your cameras  

  • A Tripod is a must

  • Macro Lenses - (or any lens you have) Maybe not a telephoto 

  • Any portable lights you may have 

  • Backdrops

  • I will have a light box/tent (2 actually) 

  • Ring Lights

  • Focus Rail Demo

  • Extension tubes

  • 2 table top Tripods

  • There will be lots of props - Or bring some flowers – or bugs

  • A demo on editing will follow, if we have time  

Arrive in time for set up -  Do some homework beforehand on How to shoot Macro -


Theme image previews:  We will have a short image preview prior to our workshop – Send no more than 3 images to Clif (jpegs, 



Renée Zernitsky SJCC President 

Jay Beaumont SJCC Vice President