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St. James' Camera Club
Annual End of the Year Photo Contest

December 2022 
Categories are: 
Old Stuff & Antiques
Creative Abstract 

Blue clip art aaa 2021-11-21 at 6.41.09 PM.jpg

First Place Winners



Logo SJCC Picture1_edited_edited_edited.

 Al Konikowski

Al Konikowski 1Sst Place Winner Sports


1st Place Mary Shields


Mary 1st place  Wildlife

Old Stuff - 1st Place - 4 way tie holders
Sheila Almond, Jay Beaumont, Samantha Walter & Renée Zernitsky 

Renée Zernitsky

Renee 1st Place tie holder Old stuff

Heading 2

Samantha Walter

Sam 1st  Place tie Old Stuff

Sheila Almond

Sheila 1st Place tie holder Old Stuff

Jay Beaumont

Jay 1st Place tie Old Stuff

Creative Abstract  1st Place Winner
Sheila Almond

Second Place Winners


Red ribbon 2021-11-21 at 5.48.40 PM.jpg

 Sheila Almond 

Sheila  Almond  2nd place Sports Picture1.jpg

Wildlife - 2nd Place tie
Jason Ropchock & Sheila Almond 

Jason Ropchock 

Jason 2nd place wildlfie Picture1.jpg

Sheila Almond

Shiela 2nd place wildlife Picture1.jpg

Creative Abstract  2nd Place
Terri DelNegro

Terri 2nd place Ceative Abstract Picture1.png

Third Place Winners


yellow ribbon .jpg

Sports -  3rd Place Threeway tie
Peter Brindley
Mark Yasika
Renée Zernitsky


Peter Brindley

Peter Brindley 3rd place

Mark Yasika

Mark Yasika 3rd place Picture1.png

Renée Zernitsky

Renee Z 3rd Place tie Picture1.png

Creative Abstract Third Place  

 Two Way Tie

Samantha Walter

Samantha 3rd pl 2way tie Creative Picture1.png

Renée Zernitsky

Renee 3rd Place tie Abst.Picture1.png
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