August 2017 Meeting Minutes 

  • President Renée Zernitsky called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

  • The group discussed the upcoming eclipse and photography opportunities - some suggested  locations and precautions that are necessary.  OCCC will host an the event.

  • We are making progress with the church toward purchasing a projection screen that will hang on the wall in the Parish Hall of the church.  The cost should be known by the next meeting.  It will be in the $800 range.  The screen size depends on the room size.  We also intend to purchase two wireless remotes for the club and the church.  Reverend Carl has agreed to  split the cost with us. Renée and John met with the installer to go over the details of where it will be positioned for the installation.

  • The Club participated in the Goshen Art Walk. Thank you Jack and Ron for the display boards & Awning.  We will sign up again next year as a group. There was no fee to participate.

  • Renée introduced two new members – Gail and Billy.   Welcome to the club.

  • Clif reported that it is best to submit photos for the meeting to him via email.  

  • We are looking for new exhibit locations.  Possibilities are:  The new Washingtonville Library, the new Goshen Library, and the Orange County Emergency Management Center & Brotherhood Winery. Robin is checking into this for us.

  • There was an excellent turnout for the field trip with Greg Miller to the Salesian Center in July.  Many thanks to Greg for leading the discussion of “Using Natural Light.”  Greg spent the evening going over member images and showing how the workflow in Photoshop can enhance an image. And discussed how the light at that time of day enhanced the images. Looking to do this outing again with Greg in the winter months.

  • Jay has offered to take over Pete’s position of contacting guest speakers and has booked a guest speaker for Fall.  (Pete is moving out of the area and we will miss him) Announcements will be made once they confirm.

  • This month’s theme was " Yellow".


Minutes by Jay Beaumont  

Cc: President, Renée Zernitsky