Creative Assignments  

The best way to improve your photography is by challenging yourself and by being consistent with your practice so you can really cement your learning.


These challenges are designed to guide you to see the world a little differently, and bring out your creativity, while pushing you to edge outside your comfort zone at the same time.



Our First Assignment - "Repetition"   

Second Assignment  - "Phone Camera Images" 

 Third Assignment - "Old Buildings" 

 Fourth Assignment  - "Print Your Favorite Photo " 

Fifth Assignment - "Shoot One Street Corner" 

                              Sixth Assignment - "Shoot All Vertical for a Day"

Seventh Assignment - "One Single Item"

Eighth Assignment - "Choose a Color for a Day"

Ninth Assignment - "After Dark"

Tenth Assignment - "Shapes"

Eleventh Assignment - "Sculptures and Graveyards"

Twelfth  - "Pet Portraits"