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October 2021Agenda


NOTE: Update on Parish Meeting Hall at St. James’ Church

            Community Art Show at Warwick Library Oct 15 - December 31



  • Mary is taking attendance and meeting minutes


 Exhibits for 2022:

  • Nobel Roasters Café April 2022

  • Warwick Library Juried Exhibit for June 2022

  • Wallkill Town Hall exhibit for July 2022.


Treasurer:   John Strobl

  • Finances

  • Attendance



  • Club updates, events, and member postings 

  • Follow up on members who submitted work to the October 15th Warwick Library event


Flickr Page:

  • Open discussion – Live preview on SJCC Flickr site – Consider joining


Field trips: Mary, Joseph, and Ed

  • Bashakill, Friday September 24.

  • Innisfree Gardens Oct 9th with Mary

Museum Village Camera Shoot with Joseph Karaban  

  • Field trip with Dave Albrecht Moodna ViaDuct Sunrise Oct 16, at 6:15am, Otterkill Rd.

Or 6:00pm for Sunset, meet on Jackson Ave. Sunset on the 16th or Sunrise on the 17th.

  • Waterfalls with Renée - Milford Pa. Oct. 30th


SJCC Board Meeting Planned

  • Open discussion for plans for 2022 – Bring your ideas and suggestions


SJCC Photo Challenge for October  - “Harvest Season in the Hudson Valley”


Google Slides Monthly Challenge for November is “Your favorite Fall Foliage Photos”


Renée & Jay

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