May 2017 Agenda

•    Follow-up of our fieldtrip to the Arboretum with Herb Chong  - “Macro in the Field” Please share your photos
 With the group from that day – Bring in your images on a flash drive and arrive early so Clif can get them on the computer 

•    This month we are implementing our first member slideshow, where members who want to share photos from a trip
they took or an event that they would like to share. This month we will be featuring, Sheila Almond, Jay Beaumont   and Jack Miller.
 They will discuss settings, equipment and degree of difficulty  

•    Sheila will be showing images she took while in Alaska 
•    Jay Beaumont will share his trip to Alaska and Florida 
•    Jack Miller will share his photos from his trip to the National Parks Tour of 2016. Brice, Yellowstone and the Badlands National Park. 

•     We will also have member’s  image previews from members who want to share their them images from previous months, 
And this month’s theme’s.  Bring a jump drive  

Next Month we will have Matt Zeitler – a local wildlife photographer whose photography genre will be focusing on how he photographs birds.   Matt is credited with his capture of rare birds of our region and maintains a listing of hundreds of migrating birds that pass through this area twice a year. His photos have been used in the local birding publications and he maintains an ongoing list of bird counts in our area.  He will explain the process he goes through and the equipment he uses to achieve his goals.  Q&A afterwards 

See you there,
   Renée Zernitsky 
SJCC President