March 2017 Agenda 

Theme for March Is “Forgotten & Disappearing Landscapes”

April’s Theme is “Forms in Nature”


Our Committee Chairs:

Linda Fairweather – Membership/ Welcome Committee

Guest Speakers/Workshops - Pete Styczek

Field Trips - Mary Shields

Web Master/Technology - Aaron Babcock, Clif Patrick & Paul Bjornsen

Exhibits - Robin Kelly




I want to congratulate everyone that participated in the Warwick Library Exhibit. It is an exceptional display of photographic talent. Our exhibit committee hung 53 images. I also want to thank everyone for coming to the reception to support the photographers and to everyone that helped organize and setup the food and refreshments at the reception. Great job!

Note:  All participants were asked to contribute $5.00 for expenses for the reception and library.

Please see Robin, if you have not paid.


 Follow-up from our annual Committee Chair Meeting: Topics of discussion

  • Membership guidelines and how the information for new members is shared

  • Guest Speakers lined up for this year – who they are and suggested topics  moccasin

  • Fieldtrips need to be on the weekends as well as the week days to accommodate everyone

  • Future locations for other exhibits for this year  

  • Current status of our Facebook Page - Assigned new administrators

  • FB Banner: Monthly theme images being posted to an Album on the page -

  • Clubs Web page updates and new submissions from new members. Possible demo at our next meeting

  • Projection Screen decision  - to be finalized

  • Monthly image previews from members – Shorten the time spent on each image 

  • Annual Membership dues $12.00:  Due now - Please see John.

We will have time for a short image preview of member images - Bring in a flash drive or send your images to Clif ​


GUEST SPEAKER: will be Joe Brady – Joe’s topic will be “An approach to Portrait and Landscape Photography - where they differ and what they share”    



Renée Zernitsky SJCC President