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January 2021 

Zoom Meeting Agenda

Speaker Debbie Quick

All club meetings will be held as Zoom meetings till further notice

due to the continuation of the Pandemic

Mary Shields will be taking our meeting minutes and attendance

Yearly dues of $25.00 are now due for 2021 


All meetings are being recorded. If you are new to Zoom be sure to upload the Free version by going to so that you are prepared for the meeting. If you need help getting in be sure to call me. A link will be sent out via email only

End of the Year Photo Contest

  • Congratulations to our contest winners,  Sheila Almond and Mark Kovner  

  • The award for 1st place in Landscape, went to Sheila Almond. Sheila was awarded an online photography tutorial course with Joe Brady

  • The award for 1st place in Macro and Portraits went to Mark Kovner - Mark was awarded photography books from Rick Sammon and 1st Place for B&W award was a book from Bryan Peterson


For the first time Voting was done online - Thank you Jay, who tallied all the votes and Sheila Almond for her incite and Google Slides skills for making this happen.


Speaker:  Debbie Quick -  Owls and Birds Wildlife Photographer


  •       Add your favorite image, or a suggested website related to photography

  •        Your posted Photos have been great, we love seeing them. Keep them coming. 

Field Trips:

  •        Two-day event this month - Wallkill Wildlife Preserve and Liberty Marsh - Dates to be announced


Web Page

  •      Still waiting for some new images for our club’s Website.

  •       Billy Carpio is the person to contact


New Online Photo Challenge is posted every month check it out “Google Slides Photo Challenge”

SJCC January 2021 Google Slides Challenge


February 2021 Meeting: Guest Speaker will be Joe Brady


Be Safe in 2021. - we made it this far

Renée Zernitsky SJCC President

Jay Beaumont SJCC Vice President

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