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September Agenda 2020

St. James’ Church remains closed until further notice due to Covid-19

  Guest speaker will be John Fischer

John is a local professional photographer that resides in Rosendale NY. He is an independent photographer, focused on selling photos as art. His work and story have been published in many local papers. John has traveled worldwide to photograph his stories of Nature and man’s influence on the world. He is very excited about his first book that was recently published.  We will have a Q&A after. Please check out his web site and have your questions ready at the time of the meeting. Visit his website if you would like a preview of his work.


Following John’s discussion, we will have an open discussion, on the “after edit’s” of the images people submitted to Diane’s’ image preview last month. So, submit the changes she suggested right to the Google Slides page and we will go over them.


Meetings last about 2 hours - unless we want to stay and chat after

Facebook/Google Slides - what’s next?

Field Trips: Mary will discuss the ones she has in mind  We have a few planned - small groups - no car pooling

Places to go on your own - Bashakill, Minnewaska, Ashokan, Woodstock, Covered Bridges, etc.  If you want a listing contact Mary

Fall is coming - there are so many places to go on your own - Try not to miss out on those Fall colors


We are also updating our images on our club’s website. If you have an outstanding image you would like to have posted

to the web page contact me.  Billy Carpio is helping out with the web page and will be sure your photos are posted - Medium sized jpegs. Please submit only your best quality image since the page is on the world wide web for all to see


Latest news:  

“Google Slides Photo Challenge”  We are into week 14 ( different from the Google Slides Page we are using for Diane’s presentation)



Renée Zernitsky SJCC President

Jay Beaumont SJCC Vice President                                   

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