May 2016 Agenda


Monthly Theme is, “Openings”

A list of themes and assignments are posted to our web page


Monthly Reports from our Committee Chairs:

Linda Fairweather – Membership, Welcome Committee

Carl Gilbert, Pete Styczek - Guest Speakers/Workshops

Field Trips – Mary Shields and Larry Randall

 Aaron Babcock, Clif Patrick & Paul Bjornsen - Technology - Projector, Calibrator & Web Master

Roxanne and Dorrel - SJCC Web page



Welcome to our new members:  Chip  & Samuel 


  • Fieldtrips: Mary & Larry R. Spring Plans

  • Greg Miller Field Trip May 19th /June’s field trip with Dave Albrecht, update.

  • Color Monkey – sign up for the monitor calibrator

  • Facebooks Image of the month goes to Pete Styczek, “Fruit”. Congratulations

  • Gardens of Goshen Tour and Fundraiser for St. James’ Church

  • John Strobl is collecting donations of 8x10, matted photos for door prizes for the Goshen Garden Tour Auction.  This is the club’s way to show appreciation for the use of their meeting room every month.  Bring photos to the May and June meetings.

  • Submitting images to the clubs web page  - 


Greg Miller’s Workshop Series VI for 2016 – Topic “Layer Masks”  Bring your paper and pens


Theme & Image Critique session:

    Email your theme images to Clif:  jpegs, 2 Mb – 3 images per member please,

so we have time for everyone.  Any questions or ideas you want to discuss about your image are welcome.

Things to keep in mind when choosing an image

          Composition and exposure

          Clarity - is your image sharp

          Post editing techniques - is your image over exposed or over saturated

          When you are printing your image - is the color management correct?

          Topic - is it interesting - does it tell a story, is it creative or just a fun image.  


Saturday May 21. Morning Light (and Full Moonlight) at Innisfree

Innisfree will open about one hour before sunrise and before the full Flower moon sets for photographers and other artists, birders, and anyone else who would like to experience the garden bathed in spectacular golden (or silvery) light. One doesn’t need to arrive when it’s still dark to enjoy this special treat. Bring a picnic and stay all day — the garden is open until 5pm. Seasonal highlight: Full Flower Moon & Japanese primroses.

4.30am.     Regular weekend admission rates $8.00 pp  Please sign up 



Renée Zernitksy

St. James' Camera Club  President