March Agenda

Tuesday March 8,  2016

7:00 PM

March’s Theme is, “Night”


Monthly Reports from our Board Members & Committee Chairs:

Linda Fairweather – Membership, Welcome Committee

Carl Gilbert - Guest Speakers/Workshops

Field Trips - Mary Sheilds nd Larry Randall

Aaron Babcock, Clif Patrick & Paul Bjornsen - Technology - Projector, Calibrator & Web Master

Roxanne Leake and Dorrel Christy – SJCC Web page



Welcome to our new members Larry, Ed, Michele, Carolynn, Christa and Joan

  • Membership dues reminder

  • Questionnaire – results

  • Fieldtrip in March – rescheduled for March 19th 

  • Club’s Web Page, Flickr site and Facebook Page overview


  • Report from our Exhibit committee and the "People Choice Award"results


         Email your theme images to Clif:  :  jpegs, 2-3 Mb – 3 images per

member please so we can get to see and talk about everyone’s photos



Greg Miller’s Workshop Series 3 for 2016 - Topic: From Aperture to Shutter Speed  


Followed by our Theme and Image Critique session:

Bring only up to 3 images – these should be images you think you did well with, or images where the image did not meet their expectations and they want help understanding why.  For each image describe what you were trying to achieve and what you think you did well and not well.  With that as a frame, only then it is possible to help you improve your photographic skills, and with only up to 3 images, there will be time to help everyone.


See our web page to find out what the new assignment is at

Looking forward to seeing everyone Tuesday Evening.


Renée Zernitksy

SJCC President