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July Agenda 2020

Reminder: Due to the continuation of Covid-19 our club meetings 

will be held online in Zoom on the Second Tuesday of each month

Hello everyone,


A new way of keeping in touch through Zoom


Please upload the Zoom app to your desktop  Go to

I will send you an invite and you simply have to click on the link and you’re in. It can be accessed on your laptop, Chromebook, iPad and cell phone. 

We will take time to say hello to everyone and then Billy will do an online discussion on night photography. I have an edit of and image or two I can show and then we can show the images posted to our google slides photo challenge  


In the meantime, add some photos there for us all to preview 


 Try getting your system prepared about 15 minutes before the meeting - close all browser windows it slows down the system 

Latest news:  Weekly Google Slide Challenge has been posted Please add your images to the slide show and we will discuss them at the meeting

Themes/Assignments – Check out the club’s web page for Themes to work on  -

Field trips:  We have not planned any at this time 


Speaker:  Billy Carpio 


Renée Zernitsky SJCC President

Jay Beaumont SJCC Vice President.                                     

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