Agenda for January 2016



President, Renée Zernitsky

Vice President, Jay Beaumont

Treasurer,John Strobl                                                                                 Meeting Tuesday, January 12, 2016

                                                                                                                                                                      7:00 PM


January's Theme is “Cold”


Monthly Reports from our Committee Chairs:

Linda Fairweather – Membership, Welcome Committee

Carl Gilbert - Guest Speakers/Workshops

Aaron Babcock, Clif Patrick & Paul Bjornsen - Technology - Projector, Calibrator & Web master

Roxanne Leake and Dorrel Christy – SJCC Web page


Happy New Year


  • 2016 Dues and membership renewal will be collected - $12.00

  • *Critique night – bring your images to have your questions answered

  • Update: Changing the SJCC email address to Gmail. Edit listings

  • Questionnaire – give us your suggestion of what you want to see at the meetings

Share any problems or questions you may be having with your camera, editing, printing, filters, composition, etc.

  • Last preparations for February’s exhibit

  • Exhibit Hanging will be on January 31 at 10:00 AM

  • Drop off details to be discussed

  • Reception will be held on the 6th of February at 3:00 PM Refreshments will be available

  • Fieldtrip for January: To be announced

  • Volunteers needed to keep track of web page assignments

  • Photo of the month/theme choices explained


  • New images for our web page - New members will be added


  • Guest Speakers for 2016 – Suggestions welcome -



Greg Miller’s Workshop Series 1 for 2016 - Topic:  Basic Camera Settings



*Critique session. Members can bring in one print and discuss the techniques used to produce the picture and have the others comment on alternative methods, crops, etc.