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August Agenda 2020



   Guest speaker is Diane Bollen.

Diane is a local professional photographer that has judged our work in the past for our juried shows.

Diane will preview images sent in by members and have an open discussion with the group



Please help make this a fun night and send in your photos - Diane is very excited about having been invited. 


Meetings last about an hour and a half - unless we want to stay and chat after

Zoom Board Meeting on August 6th follow-up

Facebook/Google Slides - what’s next?

Field Trips? Can we have them?

Places to go on your own -


Latest news:  Dana Giro exhibited at the new Emporium Square Artisan Market’s Grand Opening on August 1, 2020. Located at 128 Dolson Ave in Middletown

The building has been renovated and will house several other shops once the renovations are complete.


Google Photo Challenges -  we are into week 13 ( different than the google slides we are using for Diane’s presentation)

No Exhibits are planned for this year. If you hear of an exhibit you would like to attend, share it with the group and perhaps others will join you


Renée Zernitsky SJCC President

Jay Beaumont SJCC Vice President.                                   

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