Agenda for August 2015



President, Renée Zernitsky

Vice President, Jay Beaumont

Treasurer,John Strobl                                                                                 Meetiing Tuesday, August 11, 2015

                                                                                                                                                                     7:00 PM

July's Theme was “Paint”

August’s Theme is “Industrial”


Monthly Reports from our Committee Chairs:

Linda Fairweather – Membership, Welcome Committee

Carl Gilbert - Guest Speakers/Workshops

Aaron Babcock & Paul Bjornsen - Technology - Projector, Calibrator & Web master

Roxanne Leake and Dorrel Christy – SJCC Web page


July's Theme was “Paint”

August’s Theme is “Industrial”





Welcome to our new members: Sheldon Morgenstein and Simon Byun


Our second Member Image Preview Month – slide show

There will be another evening of images from our members with an open discussion. Bring in your favorites (Theme images most appreciated) Dorrell Christie and Jay Beaumont will do a slide show and preview of their vacation


  • Open discussion on Fieldtrips planned, who is next on the list and where to go.

  • Photo of the Month - Last month’s choice was: Clif Patrick, Congratulations!

Image of the month is chosen from image previews brought in by members each month.

  • Orange County Fair image submissions - Ron Weathers, Alice Giro & Jack Miller

  • Guest lineup for fall  -  Carl Gilbert has some ideas to share

  • February Exhibit – Theme ideas and details for submitting images.

There is a Hanging Fee of $25.00 for this venue.

  • Open discussion and live preview of the web page

  • Greg’s Workshop Series will be postponed till next month