President, Renée Zernitsky

   Vice President, Jay Beaumont

   Treasurer,John Strobl                                                                                     Tuesday, May 12, 2015

                                                                                                                                7:00 PM


                                                                      AGENDA – May’s Meeting

                                                                April’s Theme was “Paper Clips”

                                                                 May’s Theme is “Zippers”


   Presidents Message:

   Vice Presidents Message:   

   Treasurers Message:


   Monthly Reports from our Committee Chairs:

   Linda Fairweather – Membership, Welcome Committee

   Carl Gilbert - Guest Speakers/Workshops

   Aaron Babcock & Paul Bjornsen - Technology - Projector, Calibrator & Web Master

   Roxanne Leake & Dorrel Christie - SJCC Web Page




  • Bring your images:

  • From last month’s Macro workshop at our April meeting

  • Suggestions for fieldtrips welcome 

  • Any images you want to share for preview and image of the month selection

  • Fieldtrip for May to the Orange County Arboretum - May 17th

  • June’s Garden Tour.Please connect with John Strobl if you are submitting an image.


    Aaron will be away so please send your images to me at  

  • SJCC Web page – Introduction - Roxanne and Dorrel, assisting Aaron, will annouce current status of page. 

  • We will discuss where to send your images to be posted to the member’s gallery.

  • Greg Miller’s Workshop Series Topic for May to be announced


       See everyone there - Welcome new members 


       rz:SJCC 2015 May